Make a sartorial statement in this season’s hottest hue to usher in the Year of the Ox. By Mughni Che Din

When it comes to the most auspicious colour to wear during the Chinese Lunar New Year, nothing beats the prosperous red hue. Rich in symbolism, red is a show-stopping colour. However, wearing red is always something to be carefully considered— as it requires certain kind of knowledge to pulling it off right.

How to wear red?

The first step is to identify which shade of red that you will look great in. It should add some warmth to your look and also work harmoniously with your skin tone, eye colour and hair. It is advisable to experiment with various shades of red (similar to lipstick) and go for to the shade that makes you feel the most powerful and sexy.

For example, if you have dark brown or black hair and blue, green or gray eyes, you will look great in the brightest red tone. Those with dark blonde or brown hair and soft-colored eyes should opt for soft and muted reds.

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