written by Lorna Tyler


A-JANE Autumn Winter 2019 during London Fashion Week
Breaking traditional barriers of contemporary design, the A-Jane AW19 collection highlights a constant and changing inspiration from the designer. Inspired by new age music, A-Jane draws the artistic inspiration and optimism from each composition filtering the intricacy into her work, with no lines, no paper and no preconceptions, the collection boldly displays a design process of free thinking and pure spontaneity from inspiration.


Drawing the notion of new music into her collection A-Jane draws upon the freedom of composition, with contemporary music following no set key, the inharmonious sounds of chaos created are mirrored throughout the collection, acting as a representation of a free and artistic mindset. Rebelling against the traditional design techniques of flowing lines, concise shapes, structure and generic silhouettes, less structured shapes are featured across the collection in the form of curves and waves acting as a representation of A-Jane’s free thinking design technique, following the motion of the new music that inspired her.

Transitioning away from restricted creativity, the A-Jane collection moves towards the unexpected and incorporates structured design in the form of complex geometric shapes and oversized elements. Using a combination of a primary and staple color palette to create contrast within the collection, versatile and reversible elements are also fused, producing further unexpected artistic levels to the collection.

In a collection titled ‘Unerwartet’ (The unexpected) built upon artistic freedom, the disregard of fundamental design principles has allowed for a free flow of creativity, delivering a collection of pure creativity, breaking away from generic fashion and pushing A-Jane into a new level of unrestricted fashion.

written by Lorna Tyler

photos by Marc Aitken