A-JANE is about exploring your most inner depth of self, emotions, fears, desires and demons. We use New Fashion as a medium for exposing these depths. New Fashion is the complex fusion of abstract art, expressionism and New Music (Neue Musik), where designs can challenge the norm and stretch boundaries but still be RTW.

We want people to embrace imperfection itself as a form of beauty and perfection.


Fashion Composer Alice Jane studied Film, Electronic and New Music at University of Music Freiburg, Germany where she dissected, understood and created abstract sound, art, expressionism and thought.

By swimming through what may appear as a sea of confused abstractness, she in fact unleashed her passion for art on the outer boundaries. Fusing this experience with her lifelong passion for fashion and 15 years of exposure in Europe and the US, Alice Jane has evolved into a Fashion Composer where her designs reflect everything that she is.