Introducing the perfect day-to-bag that is able to hold anything and (almost) everything. By Mughni Che Din

Versatile, practical and effortless: the tote bag is an accessory that will never go out of fashion, the hard-working, multi-purpose carry-all bag is something every WOMAN needs one in their arsenal. 

The word “tote” means “to carry”, the bag design was initially introduced back in the early ‘50s for a variety of purposes from retail to grocery stores. Fast forward to 2021, the tote bag has still remained true to its form but with a fashionable twist of course.

Introducing A-JANE’s version of the perfect tote bag. Designed with convenience and ease in mind, this roomy bag to take all your daily essentials, in style. Crafted from faux leather in eye-catching monochromatic hues, it also features playful inner-lining in either polka-dot, nature scene and signature A-JANE’s signature stripe. The beauty behind this bag is its longevity – you can wear it for years and always look like an off-duty supermodel.

 It’s the perfect accessory for your daily routine and is sure to garner a compliment or two.

A-JANE’s versatile totes bags comes in an array of monochromatic colours.
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