Alice Jane’s Guide to Working from Home.

Working from home (WFH) has become the new normal for many of us in recent times. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been settling into self-isolation and, with that forced to establish a working from home routine. 

The idea of spending our days working from the couch in our pajamas can seem tempting, but when we consider the prospect of working from home for at least the next couple of months, that approach could have a negative impact on our productivity and mental health.

By Mughni Che Din


We spoke to A-JANE’s creative director, Alice Jane, as she shares with us tips on how she manages her time working-from-home:

 IMPORTANCE OF DRESSING UP… I am a firm believer in getting dressed for the day, especially when I am working from home as it gives a sense of normalcy. So, when you feel like you’ve made the effort to get dressed and put on something you feel good in, then you’ll be more likely to approach your day with confidence and with purpose.

 STAYING MOTIVATED/PRODUCTIVE… To be productive, it is compulsory to stay focused. It is important that you create a routine that works for you in order for you to achieve your goals. It’s about understanding your values and committing to them. It’s about making choices. Some are easy. Some are hard. But the most important is to never give up and to have a positive mindset in the face of adversary.

 DRESSING UP FOR ZOOM MEETING… When it comes to Zoom meetings, it’s all about getting dressed from the waist up. My go-to ensemble would be to pair my crisp white shirt with comfy bottoms (and a blazer if necessary). To ensure I look presentable, I make sure that my hair is neat and that I have some light make-up on. 


  • Bright, clean and modern workspace. 
  • Music. All kinds of music!
  • Fashionable clothes that I can lounge in. 

 HAPPINESS IS… Music and tea.

 UNWINDING AFTER WORK… I do yoga to help me cope with the uncertainty and isolation as well as maintaining my physical well-being. And then of course there’s NETFLIX!

MOST VALUABLE TIME OF THE DAY… I would say between 9pm-11pm. As the day comes to a close, the pace slows down and I can take the time to unwind, reflect and chill before I take on the tasks planned for the next day. 

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