Care Instructions

  • Every product we release is thoughtfully designed with the highest quality materials.
  • We encourage our customers to extend the life cycle of their A-JANE pieces by following the proper care and maintenance instructions provided.



  • Refrain from washing cashmere and wool pieces after every wear. Instead, lay garments flat and allow them to air out naturally. If washing is necessary, we recommend dry cleaning your item. Water washing can cause shrinkage and deformation. 
  • Do not hang. Cashmere and wool is best stored folded in a drawer and kept out of direct sunlight. Cashmere and wool should be taken out to dry after being stored for long periods of time to prevent deterioration. Adding bamboo-charcoal purifying bags to your drawer or wardrobe can help to dehumidify and absorb moisture.
  • Do not brush. Pilling will occur naturally and can be removed with a special pilling comb or fabric shaver.



  • Dry clean or hand wash silk garments. Do not machine wash. If hand washing is necessary, the ideal water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Water that is too hot or too cold may damage the fabric. When spot treating or hand washing, apply gentle force and do not rub hard. Do not twist or wring out excess water. Lay flat to dry on a clean towel. Allow your item to air dry naturally in a shaded area. If finished silk fabric is exposed to sun, it can easily fade and cause damage to the color of the garment.
  • Silk clothing is best stored on a hanger in a dry, ventilated area. Hang with similar colors.
  • Ironing has antiseptic properties that may help to extend the life cycle of your silk items. Mist with water evenly on the opposite side of the garment before ironing. Keep the iron’s temperature under 150 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid burning or damaging the fabric.When wearing silk, avoid perfumes, moth balls, cosmetics, sweat, and exercise.


  • Spot clean leather, if necessary, with a slightly damp cloth. Dry clean only by a leather specialist. When possible, avoid direct sunlight and keep away from dust. 


  • Hand wash cold. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit, as hot water will cause damage to the fabric’s fiber tissue. After washing, hang dry your item in the shade. Do not fold or press using heavy objects. If vegan leather becomes stained with oil, wipe clean with a damp cloth and transparent soap.
  • Vegan leather should not rub or collide with hard, rough objects so as to not damage the surface-coating film. This film is very thin and should not come into contact with extreme heat to avoid baking its delicate surface. Leather and vegan leather are porous materials that can become highly flammable when in contact with gasoline. Do not contaminate with acid, alkali, and other corrosive chemicals.



  • Denim products are extremely durable and suited for long-term use without compromising their textile integrity. The cotton used in denim contains 90-95% cellulose, which is prone to damage over extended periods of exposure to high temperatures and oxygenated air. Store your denim in a cool, dark place where there is little to no direct sun exposure for a better preservation of color and structure. Denim products should be kept away from humid and mold-prone environments.
  • Despite being highly durable, denim should not be frequently washed. Instead, wash in considerable intervals with as little detergent as possible. Detergents can harden and damage the compository structure of the woven denim product over time, making it mandatory for softener usage. Softeners consume a higher level of water and introduce chemical pollutants into water bodies. 
  • The after-wash processes are crucial in preserving denim products. The cotton typically used is hydrophilic, holding onto and absorbing water naturally. Machine drying damages the denim composition and should not be used regularly, if at all. As a result, hanging your denim product to air dry with the natural pace of water evaporation is the best way to ensure longevity.


  • Our tees and sweatshirts are made from high quality cotton are both durable and comfortable. To ensure the longevity of your cotton garments, we recommend washing on delicate, inside out, and at 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Line dry and store in a dark place away from direct sunlight.