Go big or go home in this season’s boldest prints. By Mughni Che Din


It’s been a quiet year in the fashion world, however, the runways at the major fashion weeks (although majority was presented digitally) suggested otherwise as designers pulled all the stops and showcased loud, bold and abstract prints on the catwalk.


From left: Balenciaga Spring/Summer ‘21, Gucci Spring/Summer ’21, and Fendi Spring/Summer ‘21


From cool polka-dots at Balenciaga, diaphanous watercolor florals to clashes of geometry at Gucci—designers proved that when it comes to dressing up— more is more. With the discovery of the Covid-19 vaccines (finally!) and as life slowly returns to normal, we predict that people will ditch their cozy #WFH attire and embrace drama dressing. 

However, bold and loud prints are not for the faint hearted. If you find pleasure in being the center of attention and go all out with a maximalist combo of clashing prints and complete the look with a quirky flourish. If you are minimalist through and through, you can still make this trend work in your favour by choosing one standout print and layer it over either with your go-to trousers and blazer or jacket. Either way, remember, confidence is key: Go big or go home!

We spoke to A-JANE’s creative director as she shares her thoughts on how she incorporates Neue Musik into her designs:


How do you infuse your passion with Neue Musik into your prints for your designs?

  • Neue Musik is all about tones, sounds or some may even say it's just noise. To me, they are basic audibles and sound elements that are in my mind and that I hear in my head (like voices in my head!). A form of communication which I reinterpret into visualizations that I believe represent those particular tones that were in my mind at that moment. But like Neue Musik, these visualizations can't necessarily be justified into concrete explanations as to why they are what they are. 


How do you want your audience to feel when they wear A-JANE’s printed pieces?

  • While abstract art is about visually transporting oneself to another dimension, Neue Musik takes you on a journey through sounds. As a fashion composer, I hope that when people wear my printed designs, they are able to immerse themselves into my world that is a unique blend of these two-parallel universe. 
Neue Musik print interpretation by A-JANE
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