Introducing the wardrobe staple you never thought you needed. By Mughni Che Din

Over the years, we have seen several number of skirt trends come and go. However, the asymmetrical skirt trend has made a big impression in the fashion scene over the past decade and is set to continue to be one of the biggest trends for 2021. 

High-drama, unique and versatile: From high-low silhouettes,  lop-sided handkerchief hemlines to accented skirts with daring sharp slits; the perfectly imperfect nature of this trend is guaranteed to put a bold twist to any look, making it the perfect style weapon to have in your wardrobe arsenal. 

One of the best things about asymmetrical finishes is that—no matter how you choose to wear them— it can be worn all year round. So, whether you are ending the summer with a garden party or attending an important work event, the trend serves as a chic off-balanced look that exudes modern sophistication. 

So, no matter your aesthetic, there is an asymmetrical style that is sure to complement your style. To get you started, we have compiled a few different ways on how you could make it this trend work IRL:



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