"15 Years of Label M at London Fashion Week 2020"

We are glad to announce the collaboration of Toni & Guy and A-JANE. The Shine Mist bottle features our brand's Autumn / Winter 2019 Prints as the designer limited packaging at London Fashion Week 2020.

"We're celebrating this iconic Fashion Week milestone with 4 amazing Fashion Scout London Fashion Week designers - IA LONDON, DB BERDAN, A-JANE and SIMON MO - plus, 4 of our best-selling, backstage favourites, for a dream collaboration!" - Toni & Guy 


An A-JANE collection where Neue Musik manifests into fashion designs. Creations that challenge traditional compositions which 

always start with the predefined and restrictive 5-lined manuscript. No. The unexpected begins with no lines; with no paper. 
No preconceptions.

The A/W 19 collection …unerwartet, ich. emphasizes lines that flow, yet do not lead to defined shapes or structures. Waves and curves appear, but they are non-periodic distortions with varying frequency and amplitude is about not having boundaries; freedom. And this leads to the unknown and anticipation, which appear to be unsatisfied. However, it is reaching the unexpected that is in fact the satisfaction.


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