Sporting a utility best is one of best ways to channel utilitarian chic via your accessories this season. By Mughni Che Din

Nostalgia seems to be all the rage in the fashion scene at the moment as trends from the past decades are making a return on and off the runway. One of the hot favourites amongst the millennials and Gen-Z are clothes and accessories from the ‘90s. One item in particular, the bum bag or the fanny pack, however you choose to call it gets a sophisticated and utilitarian makeover this season and is touted as one must-have accessories as demonstrated by some of our favourite street style mavens.

With origins that dates back to the 34th century BCE, back then, the bad were used by labourers as a convenient way to carry their tools. Fast forward to today, the bag has gone through numerous transformations and is now officially labelled fashionable. Whether cinched at the waist, over the shoulder or crossbody, this accessory is perfect to toughen up any look.

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