Eye-catching, chic and collectible, this season’s distinctive sculptural bracelets will make you feel instantly brighter. By Mughni Che Din


If clothing is cake, then accessories is the icing. It is no secret that accessories can either make or break an outfit, therefore, finding the right accessory to complement your personal style is crucial. Although chunky gold chains and tennis bracelets are making headlines in the fashion scene, we’d like to shift your gaze to one of the understated accessory trends for 2021—sculptural bracelets

Zaha Hadid’s iconic Heyday Aliyev Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan


In light of the booming trend, A-JANE recently introduced a range of sculptural bracelets that is bringing back fun in fashion. Crafted from solid wood, the design was inspired by wave lines—think architectural marvels such as the Sydney Opera House or Zaha Hadid’s iconic Heyday Aliyev Centre in Baku—and comes in a variety of colour combinations that will instantly brighten up any ensemble.



Steeped in minimalistic futurism approach in design, A-JANE supports sustainability efforts by not engaging in mass production. Each design is handcrafted in limited quantities to avoid unnecessary waste and to expand the product lifecycle. So, not only will you make a stylish investment, but you can feel good about helping reduce and contain the fashion waste that is one of the biggest contributors to pollution. 

When it comes to styling, the allureof a sculptural bracelet is obvious: it is the perfect finishing touch if you want to dress up you off-duty look or add a touch of nonchalant glamour to your red-carpet look. Either way, we have no doubt that it will leave a lingering impression wherever you go

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