• Synthe Wavy Set

    Discover unique graphic dragon art inspired tops and skirts designed with wavy sculptural shapes.

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  • Xenn Scuptural Dress

    Experience the artistry of our premium embossed cotton sculptural dresses.

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  • Zennee Dress

    The perfect fusion of Cheongsam elegance and geometric design in our stylish sleeve dress.

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  • RuRu Ruffle Wrap Top

    Modern asymmetrical ruffle wrap tops crafted from high-quality cotton fabrics.

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  • Vibrato Wavy Art Top

    The innovative and stylish designs of our sound wave music-inspired hollow art tops.

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  • Akkordi Cape Set

    Achieve chic with our selection of minimalist cape top and Triple Waistband skirt.

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  • Bizette Asymmetrical Shirt

    Infuse creativity into your formal attire with A-JANE bold asymmetrical shirt.

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  • Dann Blazer

    Make a bold statement in our unique one lapel edgy long blazer, designed to exude confidence and style.

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